Do you need coaching and guidance as a new yoga teacher?

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The Confident Yogi Club

membership for new yoga teachers!

Inside The Confident Yogi Club, you’ll find guides and tutorials to help you on your path to confident yoga teacher. There’s no need to spend hours pouring over YouTube videos in hopes you might find a simple way to learn yoga class sequencing. In this membership, you’ll receive guidance and coaching to help you save time and in turn, make you more money.

If you’ve been part of my Facebook group, Yoga Sequencing & Teaching Tips for a while, and now it’s time to go deeper.

This month-to-month membership is now OPEN for enrollment. Join today, cancel anytime. Inside, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • 2 monthly live trainings
  • Membership portal with ALL replays & resources (see below)
  • Members only Facebook group community
  • Bonus PDF guides and downloadable resources

Workshops are be held on Zoom and on a various topics such as sequencing, class planning, pose transitions, cueing and even a bit of technology/marketing/business.

As of October 2021, workshop replays include:

Sequencing: 10 step yoga sequencing, simple & safe beginner sequencing, sequencing 101, sequencing short yoga classes, hosting yoga workshops, teaching yoga with essential oils

Cueing: Props & personalization, working the room, hands on adjustments, cueing abc method, creating cueing, confident cueing.

Video & Technology: 12 tips for video confidence, record/edit/safve for youtube, zoom yoga set-up, intro to facebook marketing

Miscellaneous: goal setting, time management, creating a yoga resume, 7 day business/marketing replays.

Bonuses: Ashley’s YTT manuals, 6 part beginner PDFs, ashleys seqeuncing ebook

I graduated from my YTT in November but left feeling overwhelmed and lost. I felt like I didn’t learn anything and definitely didn’t feel confident enough to teach. I have been teaching family members, but that’s about it. I started to feel like I hit a wall because I didn’t know where I could learn more from, especially since I am not making an income, I cant take all these expensive trainings. But then I found you, and I took your course! Now I truly feel the passion to teach again and ready to move forward.

Danielle M.

Yoga Teacher

Yes, you can teach yoga classes with confidence.

Better yet, you can plan creative yoga classes that are a reflection of your unique individuality… in less than half the time.

(Hint: That’s exactly what I help you do in the live workshops.)

Each live workshop includes a workbooks,  interactive time together, and access to the workshop recording.

Right now, you might be struggling with mustering the confidence to get out and teach your first yoga class, whether that’s online or in person. Teaching online means you need even better cueing skills and your demonstrations have to be spot on. You might even be worried that you’ll be misunderstood or that you’ll unintentionally cause an injury.

Imagine if those fears were gone. Imagine arriving to teach your class with confidence and a full understanding of how to adjust to the needs of your students.

Who is ideal for
Sequencing & Cueing

This membership is ideal for four types of people:


1. Experienced Yoga Teachers who are looking for new or different ways to sequence or teach a yoga class. Yoga teachers who want to check out other methods to gain inspiration and insight.

2. New Yoga Teachers who are serious about wanting to teach yoga, but feel underprepared and overwhelmed.

3. Yoga Teacher Trainees who are working towards their YTT certification and need extra support to eventually graduate feeling confident and successful.

4. Experienced Yoga Students who want to develop new plans and creative sequences for their own home practice.


So, whether you’re and experienced yoga teacher or a home practitioner, you’ll find benefit to attending this workshop.

Who is NOT ideal for
Sequencing & Cueing

The membership is not ideal for you if:


You have never practiced yoga in your life.

You are looking for done-for-you sequences and cueing methods and do not want to think about the purpose behind your class plan.

You’re looking to study YTT topics such as in-depth anatomy, pose breakdowns, philosophy, history, technology, getting hired, marketing, etc…

You’re not interested in learning from experienced teachers who have gone before you.

To be clear, you do not need to be a super experienced yoga teacher to be a good fit for Sequencing & Cueing Membership.

However, you do need a basic knowledge of foundational yoga poses.

Essentially, if you’re committed to success as a yoga student or teacher and want the fast-track to yoga class confidence, The Confident Yogi Club is for you.

This is amazingly helpful, thank you! I [attended] a yoga instructor course in 2017, where they didn’t even mention how to build up a class. We learned one fix sequence but NOTHING about modifications or about variations. [It was] so frustrating. I’m trying to educate myself now. It’s so wonderful you are here and sharing your knowledge!


YouTube Comment, 10 Steps to Sequence a Yoga Class

If you’ve read this far and you don’t know me, hi! I’m Ashley.

I’m all things yoga and business – yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, yoga teacher business coach, and I even own and manage a yoga studio.

You may have seen me on YouTube channel or in my Facebook group teaching yoga sequencing, yoga teacher confidence, and online yoga technology tips.

In my online yoga sequencing course, Focused Flow, I help new yoga teachers plan a self-sequenced yoga class (within a couple hours) so that they can teach their first class with confidence as soon as possible.

Here’s the truth–

Teaching yoga didn’t come easy to me when I first started. Shocker, I know! That’s why I created The Confident Yogi Club – to give you the framework and support you need to get started.

Nowadays, I enjoy transforming passionate yoga students into thriving yoga teachers through my online trainings and courses for new yoga teachers.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Probably like you, I struggled with planning and preparing my yoga classes. Creating unique sequences for every single class (15+ per week) became a tedious chore. I fumbled over the words to say with my plan and felt glued to my notes. I was shy. I was terrible at stringing words together, let alone trying to be inspirational. Teaching did not come naturally to me.

First I tried copying sequences and cues verbatim from YouTube and Yogaglo videos. I had no idea how to modify or change up the sequence for specific people or populations. And this also felt very inauthentic.

Then, I tried completely winging it and showed up with nothing but a hope for the best. This was extremely stressful and really didn’t provide the experience I had hoped for my students.

Then, with my love of problem solving and algebraic equations, I went ahead and created my own simple formulas and methods for yoga class sequencing. And they worked!

Creating this framework for yoga class sequencing was the beginning of my path to creating even more simple solutions for new yoga teachers.

I want to help brand new yoga teachers show up with confidence and authenticity when they teach their first yoga class!


Why did this feel easier than my YTT 200 that I am just completing!? Now I feel confident in submitting my final yoga sequence. Thank you!


YouTube Comment, 10 Steps to Sequence a Yoga Class

“How do the monthly workshops… work?”

Once you sign up for the membership, you’ll get an email with your confirmation with access to the membership portal on the Teachable platform. Inside, you’ll find the links to sign up for the live classes held twice a month, and all of the past recordings.

When you sign up for a live workshop, you’ll get a confirmation email with the Zoom link to click on at the day and time of the workshop. You’ll also get a reminder email 24 hours before just in case you accidentally delete or miss the initial confirmation email.

Make sure to download the Zoom app on your phone or computer so you are ready to go on the day of the training.

Each LIVE workshop will typically include:

  • 1.5 to 2 hours of time together
  • Slide-deck presentation
  • Demonstration and interactive examples
  • Discussion & Questions
  • Workbook PDF and any templates

Once you join the Zoom training, you’ll be held in a waiting room until Ashley lets you in at the time of the workshop. You’ll have the option to keep your video on or turned off. There will be multiple stopping points in the presentation for additional discussion, questions and demonstration. 

You can ask questions or chat with your peers at any time using the Zoom chat function.

After concluding, you will be given access to the recording within a few days inside of the membership portal.


Previous training replays are available to all members!

  • Sequencing 101
  • Sequencing Short Yoga Classes
  • Simple & Safe Sequencing for Beginner Classes
  • Hosting Yoga Workshops
  • Confident Cueing
  • Creative Cueing
  • The ABC Cueing Method
  • Props & Personalization
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Creating a Yoga Resume
  • Zoom Yoga Set-up
  • How to record, edit, publish for YouTube
  • How to teach Yoga with Essential Oils
  • Bonus – Intro to Facebook Marketing
  • Bonus – Ashley’s YTT Manuals

    Answers to your Questions!

    What do I get when I join?

    As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to the membership portal on the Teachable platform, all access to past workshops, the schedule to sign up for upcoming workshops, the members only Facebook group… and an imaginary gold star!

    What if I can't join for the times of the live workshop or calls?

    The times and days of the live workshops will vary month to month. If you cannot join live, no worries! The replays and materials of each workshop will be available in the membership portal shortly after it concludes. Hang out in our private Facebook group for more community interaction.

    Can I join the live workshops if I am not in the membership?

    No. The online workshops are reserved specifically for the paying members of the membership. A few (not all) are recorded and sold as replays afterwards to people outside the membership.

    What apps will I need as a member?

    Zoom for live workshops, Facebook for our group, and Teachable for the membership portal.

    What if I need to cancel my membership?

    We hate to see you go, but understand that life and circumstances are constantly changing. Simply send an email to requesting cancelation within 7 days of your next billing cycle and we’ll get you taken care of! 

    What is the refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature of this membership and the low price-point, we do not offer refunds on purchases or past months paid.