Make an impact AND make money

as a yoga teacher in 2020

Live training is now unavailable. 

Ready to take your yoga teaching online?

Virtual Vinyasa Academy is a course and coaching program for new yoga teachers who want to make an impact AND make money teaching online.

Our current group coaching program is in progress. Another group may (or may not) open up later in 2020.

Ashley Hagen, Creator & Coach

When I set out to start an online yoga business, I had no idea what I was doing. I was a brand new teacher, but I had interests I knew I could combine and I was willing to learn. I also knew that I wanted to live a life that inspired others and myself. A life where I could travel freely and enjoy every moment. I was tired of teaching 15-20 group classes per week just to make end’s meet. There had to be an easier way.

Enter: Virtual Yoga & Online Course Creation

I learned as much as I could about online business and online marketing, so that I could stop bouncing from class to class and spend more time with my son (who is currently a super active toddler).

Fast-forward 5 years later, and now, I’m running a yoga studio, leading multiple teacher trainings and developing online courses for yogis and yoga teachers to further develop their skills. Every day I get to transform lives through the power of a simple home yoga practice.  I help build confidence in those wanting to dive deeper in the practice through my 200 hr yoga teacher training and my online continuing education courses, such as Focused Flow, The Confident Yogi and Virtual Vinyasa Academy. I’ve also helped hundreds of yoga teachers build confidence in teaching through my eBook on yoga class creation and the many videos on my YouTube channel.

I hope to work with you soon. Registration for my next coaching program through the Virtual Vinyasa Course program ends at midnight Pacific time on Friday, July 31. We start August 1!