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Go behind the scenes on how to create a simple, functional and profitable wellness website. Learn how I’m able to easily manage my online yoga business as a stay-at-home (single) mom with two young kids — and how I can teach you to do it, too!

Here’s what You’ll learn:

5 essential elements for your wellness website, even if you have nothing to sell!

The biggest mistakes wellness entrepreneurs make when creating their first website.

The 7 part process to building your website from scratch and how we can work together further!

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The 7-part process for building your website that I cover in the free class is the same one I teach to my students…

Who is Ashley Hagen?

Ashley Hagen is a Seattle-based online yoga teacher and business coach who helps yoga teachers transform into confident online entrepreneurs. Ashley went from teaching 15+ yoga classes per week and owning a local studio to running a thriving yoga business 100% online.

With a background in marketing & graphic design, she combines her skills in marketing with her passion for wellness to help yoga teachers navigate the world of online teaching, course creation and business building.

She’s worked with thousands of yoga teachers inside her online courses and programs – Focused Flow, Create an Online Yoga Course, YouTube for Yoga Teachers, Wellness Website in a Week and Yoga Business from Home.

Aside from online business and yoga teaching, you can find her exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with her two young kids.


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