About me

Nice to meet you!

HI! I’m Ashley.* I’m a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, yoga studio owner, and business coach. 

I help yoga teachers set up their business to make money online, beyond donation-based Zoom classes. This is especially valuable in this current time because none of us can teach in-person classes anymore, yet we still want to serve our students and pay our bills. My training also helps build credibility (you’ll at least have a website) and creates more awareness for your classes when we get back in the studio.

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*See more of my personal story below.

Are you ready to create and SELL OUT your first course or workshop?

Create a Beginner Yoga Course is a 5-part online course for yoga teachers. The goal is to help yoga teachers understand course creation and marketing. Most yoga teachers start by teaching to beginners, and I want to help you follow through on that idea. Plus, every yoga teacher should have a beginner course in their back pocket, right?

Ashley is the tech savvy, experienced yoga teacher, work-from-home-mom business coach you just might be looking for.

My Personal Story

In 2011, I earned a degree in Graphic Communications, with focus on digital design & production. Basically that is the fancy way to say “graphic design.” I was an athlete. I was highly driven and motivated.

I started practicing yoga during college and continued at home with DVDs. It changed my life.

In 2013 I attended my first yoga teacher training. I was hooked. I left my full-time job, sold my house and dove head first into the world of yoga teaching. I had dreams of becoming a super successful yoga teacher, perhaps even traveling the world. No one was going to stop me.

I was young. I was naive.

I thought it would be easy.

It was hard, yet so fulfilling. After 4 years of teaching 15-20 classes per week plus workshops and co-leading a couple yoga teacher trainings, I decided to start over.

I moved across the country and started from scratch. With a tiny, yet growing, online following and fabulous mentors in my back-pocket, I set out to build my online presence and re-build my community locally.

And then I became a mom.

I no longer had time or energy to teach 15+ classes a week. I knew that once I became a mom, I wanted to be home more with my babies. But I also want to continue doing what I love, which is teaching yoga. 

While teaching at the local YMCA (hello, child care!) and a couple studio classes a week, I got back to work building my yoga business online. Now I help new yoga teachers with confidence to get out there and actually teach.

Then in fall 2019, I stumbled into yoga studio ownership. I led two 200 hr yoga teacher training in 2019-2020… Then we all know what happened in 2020.

Rather than wallow in self-pity, having a new yoga studio close again after 5 months, I took to the internet once again! I have built a successful online yoga business, and this is where I’ll stay. I hope you join me!

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