Yoga with me


In Person Classes

Haselwood YMCA, Silverdale WA
Monday 10am Vinyasa Yoga
Advanced pose workshops on select Sundays this summer starting July 14.

White Lotus Yoga*, Poulsbo WA
Sunday 10am Vinyasa Yoga
Thursday 7pm Vinyasa Yoga

*Studio closing August 15


Free Videos on YouTube

I’ve uploaded a bunch of videos to YouTube. And they’re FREE! Most of my channel consists of tips for yoga teacher and also yoga practice videos to help you squeeze in some yoga practice in your busy life. Enjoy!


Online Courses

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga student, my online courses provide an outlines and guides to dive deeper in your yoga practice and teaching. Currently, you’ll find course topics on beginner yoga, sequencing a vinyasa yoga class, and teaching your first workshop. I’ll be your go-to yoga coach providing lessons, direct feedback and encouragement.


Join the Community

Join my free Facebook group. It’s there that we can connect as a community, rather than just a one or two-sided conversation. Ask questions and receive feedback. 

Enhance Your Yoga Sequencing Skills!

From confused to confident in your yoga class sequencing in under 3 hours.

Enroll in Focused Flow, Ashley's online course that helps new yoga teachers with their yoga sequencing and cueing skills. Learn to sequence a basic class with a peak pose and learn 7 different styles to get even more creative in your practice.

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