I help new yoga teachers get the most out of their yoga teacher training certificate by offering mentorship and coaching on topics beyond yoga teacher training. My courses and programs offer additional support. I offer Zoom yoga classes, private coaching, a membership, courses and workshop replays. Scroll down to learn more.

Zoom Yoga Classes

Join me for live-streaming virtual classes on Zoom. I teach 30 min Morning Movement & Meditation every weekday at 6am Pacific. This is a great stepping stone to try out a simple online yoga class with me. And it’s free!

30 Minute Coaching Session

Want to  pick my brain about yoga, business, technology, websites, etc? Book a 30 minute call to ask me about anything and everything. I’ll give you tools and recommendations to help you move forward.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Inside my monthly membership, ASHES Academy, you’ll find lessons, tutorials, accountability and a supportive community to help you on your path to confident yoga teacher. In this low-cost monthly membership, you’ll receive guidance and coaching to help you save time and in turn, make you more money. (The Confident Yogi Club and Virtual Vinyasa Academy have merged together.)

On Demand Workshop Replays

Enhance Your Yoga Sequencing Skills!

From confused to confident in your yoga class sequencing in under 3 hours.

Enroll in Focused Flow, Ashley's online course that helps new yoga teachers with their yoga sequencing and cueing skills. Learn to sequence a basic class with a peak pose and learn 7 different styles to get even more creative in your practice.