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Template for Simple Yoga Class Planning

Looking for a simple way to get started with yoga class creation, including sequencing and cueing? Download this simple yoga class template, developed from years of teaching and learning teacher pain points.



Facebook group: Yoga Sequencing & Teaching Tips. There, we can connect as a community, rather than just a one or two-sided conversation. Ask questions and receive feedback about yoga class planning and teaching.


New Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Love Yoga or teaching Yoga? Looking for some inspiration or a different approach? Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga student, my online courses provide an outlines and guides to dive deeper in your yoga practice and teaching. I’ll be your go-to yoga coach providing lessons, direct feedback and encouragement. Enrollment is opening soon. Join the waitlist!

FREE Template for Yoga Class Sequencing

It’s here! Your path to simpler yoga class sequencing!

This simple template is unique to me and my teaching style. I’m all about making things easier for new yoga teachers. You already have enough overwhelm trying to memorize everything else. Let’s make class planning the easy part!

P.S. For the whole system (and all the details), check out my program, Ashes Yoga {Teacher} Academy. The next enrollment period is coming up soon! To get your name on the waitlist and be the first notified, just visit