Teaching Yoga with Essential Oils Training

Watch the video training ^^

1. Already have essential oils? Ready to start teaching?

Enroll in my bundle of Sequencing Basics for only $97. This comes with 3 sequencing workshops, class templates and 12 yoga class plans inspired by the EssentialYoga Program Book.

2. Need to buy some basic essential oils?

My recommendation is to start with the basics – in your home and for your yoga classes! The Home Essentials Kit is a collection of ten 15ml oils and a diffuser (save $90). The Healthy Start Kit is a collection of the same 10 oils in 5ml bottles with a diffuser (save $54). Other kits and options are also available. Reach out to me on IG @ashesyoga with questions.

3. Join the team!  

Want to add essential oils to your wellness business? Schedule a call with me if you are ready to sign up and get started.

Enroll as an advocate on my team and you’ll get month-to-month access to my exclusive yoga business course and coaching program AND Sequencing Basics + 12 yoga class plans.

Got more questions? 

Reach out to me on instagram at @ashesyoga.