Power Yoga Videos

Once you are familiar with basic yoga poses and/or my cueing as a yoga teacher, these videos would make a great audio only companion for your home practice. My name is Ashley Hagen. I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2013. This is the style of yoga I started with and continue to teach at local classes in Kitsap County, Washington. If you find these helpful, please feel free to share or leave a comment. Shop my favorite yoga equipment.¬†

Ashes Yoga Online Courses

Teaching yoga can be life-changing. Right?! It's amazing. It's fulfilling. If you're anything like me, you want to teach all the things to to all the people. Here's where I can help. Current courses include:

  • Plan a Yoga Class in Under 1 hour
  • Focused Flow: a yoga sequencing + teaching tips workshop
  • The Confident yogi: A Beginner Yoga Course
  • YouTube for Yoga Teachers: grow your yoga business using YouTube
  • Virtual Vinyasa Academy: make an impact AND make money as an online yoga teacher

    Equipment for Online Yoga Teachers

    Does technology overwhelm you? Sometimes we just need someone to point us in the right direction in regards to technology and equipment. Here is my list of equipment I use for all of my online yoga teaching. Many people have appreciated my explanation of the BEST microphone for yoga teaching and how to use it with your computer.