Learn to make yoga mat keychains

by ashley hagen

Materials List

3mm thin yoga mat – repurpose an old mat or buy a new one in your favorite color. Walmart has cheap options and of course Amazon is fine. Find a thin mat with texture. One mat makes a lot of keychains.

Keychains and open jump rings – The best place to get these is in bulk on Amazon. I buy the keychains with 1 inch tails.

Charms – There are a lot of inexpensive options on Amazon. Search for “yoga inspired charms” and you’ll end up on a rabbit hole.

Super Glue – the Gorilla glue with the brush is better than the squeezy tubes because it’s easier to apply and it dries faster.

Scissors – to cut the yoga mat into small rectangles.

Pliers – to close the jump rings.

Nail – to poke the hole into the corner of the yoga mat for the jump ring.

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